Sunday, January 13, 2013

Miramar California Melmac Kids Set

miramar melmac
This melmac set is available on Etsy, at katehartxoxo

How unique and odd at the same time is this mint in boxed melmac set made by Miramar of California (available for sale KateHartXOXO ).  Odd that this child's set survived untouched all these years.  A rarity indeed. Strange though, I would have thought the cup itself would have been made of melamine or melmac -- but it clearly states on the box that the mug is made of Polyethylene. (bottom front.)
miramar los angeles box melmac
The box indicates the maker was Miramar of California, Inc.
This just proves that  the Miramar Factory whatever factory was molding melmac or melamine for Miramar, was also molding other plastics as well.  The handle of the mug is very much like Deka, an East Coast plastic manufacturer who did a lot of children's items.

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