Friday, September 6, 2013

Laureline by Belle Kogan for Boonton Boontonware

Tumbler on Etsy plastic
Plastic tumblers from Etsy are unmarked and  probably resemble Laureline, these available at the DaileyShopper
Laureline By Boonton
I had a reader write in to me about a drinking glass he had growing up with the inscription, "Laureline.". I had never seen that before per se on a plastic cup, but I did a little research and found this was a Belle Kogan design introduced by Boonton in 1956.   This came from the book, "China and Glass in America."   The earliest reference to the word Laureline being used in the plastic industry was 1952 in a Hardware Age magazine, but I'm uncertain if this is the same type plastic used in the tumblers.

Bookshop on Etsy has this TexasWare set for sale.
BooksShop on Etsy has this 61 pc TexasWare set for sale, note the blue plastic "AKA GLASTIC" drinking vessels up top on either side of the top shelf, this is probably what Laureline looked like!

These "plastic drinking vessels" were very similar to the plastic glasses that were crystallized by TexasWare.    Not sure if you remember them from your younger days eating at the Ponderosa or buffet style restaurants, but they were plastic frosted type glasses that I thought were cheesy. I used to call them GLASTIC, a mix of plastic supposed to look like glass.  They often had stress cracks in them and / or chips on the rim. Ewwww.

If you know anything about Laureline, let me know.


  1. We had a cup green cup that we use as kids to drink apple juice out of and my parents still have it! I saw in my dad's bathroom it's a green plastic cup about maybe 4 inches high and I have a picture of it

    1. Sorry I can't figure out a way to load the picire


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