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Technology Apple Products Plastic Power for Mankind

Apple Lisa
If you have almost $26,000 or more,  you could own this fully functional Apple Lisa computer. Rare and hard to find. This one and this photo belongs to tmarentic on Ebay.

Plastic Fantastic

The problem with my environmental consciousness and living green is the struggle I have on a daily basis with plastics.  I use the cloth grocery bags and recycle every day.  I realize not all plastics over time have been made using safe practices, perhaps pollution hurting our environment, but I do weigh this out with the way in which stricter standards have been enforced today.

I sleep at night by thinking of what plastics have done for mankind. Case in point, right now I'm typing on my plastic keyboard sitting in the comfort of my home only cooled by the quiet hum of my plastic GE air conditioner watching my plastic Element Television sending the occasional text on my plastic HTC Android phone to my husband at work; while I find a few stolen moments in time to write this.  Yes we can live in unison with plastics. In fact, I doubt we can live without them.

Technology: Apple Products Paving the Way for the Future Still

Before you join the anti-plastic coalition, ask yourself where would we be without the plastic used to make the first Apple computer, or eventually the plastic housing on our iPhones?   Plastic has been the key component in making computer housings and cellphones. My how these things have changed over time as has the technology.

I remember fondly working at MCI back in the day, (MCI Telecommunications at that time was the 2nd largest long distance phone provider, with AT&T/Bell first and Sprint 3rd).  The first huge plastic desktop phone came out with a screen where you could video call your friends, to the tune of $1100.00 each to employees with their discount. It was grainy, garbley, but it had a camera in it and I could see my folks in Maine and they could see me. Back then, this was priceless. Today, you have web cams and Skype and it's free.  In my lifetime from the 80s to 2000's, within 20 years alone, I have seen technology grow by leaps and bounds.  I credit much of this to the Steve Jobs era, the "you can do it think outside the box and make it happen" even if everyone doing it doubted it could be done. But it was. And it is. And so it shall still be.

After the dinosaur computers of yesterday morphed into the laptops and tablets of today, then came the add-ons and accessories for your favorite gadgets. Fast forward to now.

The Kribbitt

The Kribbitt  is by far the best ipad and tablet stand for the kitchen as it is fully adjustable, sticks to granite and hangs from most cupboards, not to mention does a million other things. Love this thing!

Think of the Economy Growth thanks to Technology: Enter the Spinoffs

Look at products like the kribbitt.  This stand is a must have for teachers, office workers, and at home.  This great invention would have never cropped up if it wasn't for the iPad or tablets.....for there would not have been a need. In a nutshell the these innovative inventions such as iPads, iPhones and laptops have spun off other economy growth.

I just went to Five and Below and bought a ton of iPod compatible earplugs in fashion colors.   I was tired of people stealing my cell phone chargers so I bought pink and yellow ones, and I should add all are made of molded plastic.  Think of all the people who make vinyl computer skins to decorate up your keyboard or front of your laptop.  What about those who design and make hard or soft gel cases to protect your phone.  The list of accessories goes on and one, and most have plastic in them.  Woot woot. Plastic fantastic.

Upcycled apple computer
Rita and Rob of TecoArt have found functional ways to upcycle those old Apple keyboards and puck mouses. Wow, a working functional clock only $59 on Etsy.

Old Computers Bring Big Bucks for Collectors and Recyclers

As the world becomes more eco concious so do the recyclers.  Old bulky computers are either upcycled into fish tanks, clocks, or jewelry.  Even old keyboards have been turned into something fashion worthy.

recycled keyboard earrings on etsy
Keyboard earrings found on Etsy at ElectricWear
There are those old computers that are collected and coveted among the technology geeks such as the Lisa shown above in this post.

On the other hand, I have to admit, my most coveted item is a vintage clamshell iBook which I love. It functions, it works, and although the internet is slow on these old computers,  the fact of the matter is it came loaded with a word bundle and photoshop that if I were to purchase individually, would have cost more than the computer itself. For word processing, it's great, and not only do I love it from a design standpoint, but it completes the realm of plastic history in my office.

flamingo vintage ibook
I bought this for under $190 shippped, which beat the cost of the software that came with it. What a way to up cycle!  find these at


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