Tuesday, October 1, 2013


German hacking

NEWS: This just in, The Meladur page of my site was somehow hacked either on purpose or in error. I have no idea how. or when, I didn't know about it. But when you brought it up, you would have to enter a German sign in for a museum log in and password. I've never heard of these guys but found a HTML code for their log in.   I've since reset my password and republished the Meladur page and removed their sneaky  code. I also called the culprits and gave them hell, in English, on their answering machine . That probably cost me $30, but it felt damn good. 

My Blog was hacked by Germans
What the hell is this and why are they in my edit mode?

Those sneaky Weiner Schnitzels!   Lord only knows what happened and when, or how. I'm just glad I caught it early on.

In other news,  I shot some Q&A's about early Meladur off to Ben Marks at Collector's Weekly, he's doing a story on early Melmac. I'm also currently working on the Russel Wright page where you can easily find all you need to know about Russel Wright Melmac on one page .  Stay tuned!

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