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Funky Plastics Designs To Remember

Plastic Retro Vintage Tulip Can Holders
Funky Plastic Tulip Coasters at RetroChalet on Etsy.

Perhaps the best part about plastics is the fact that in the past, manufacturers really went all out on trying to have the best, craziest , newest ideas, and in some cases, overall funky design.  Needless to say, some items were loved by the public and some were a huge flop. Over the top plastic designs are now either coveted into museums for design or used by collectors who want that retro home. Here are a few of the tackiest finds from the past. It's amazing some of these items featured here today even survived. Most makes you wonder, what were they thinking?  

The funky coasters above, surely fit snug on the bottom of a can, but are meant to be some form of coaster for tables. They are hard plastic and brittle feeling, it's amazing these tulip like art forms survived today!
Funky Plastic Purse
Funky Plastic Purse from SequinKittenVintage on Etsy

Funky plastic purses are still a hit. Most  a sure remembered novelty of the past.  Lucite is big among collectors, but for those who can't afford those high end designs, could settle for a funkified retro purse like these.  Many produced in Hong Kong, Taiwan and even China, provided kids a fun dress up purse at a low cost. These were big as toys in the 60's through the 80's.  Today these would be hazard to children due to the tiny plastic  "dots" which were often glued on!

plastic draperies vintage for the retro housewife from vintagepickle on etsy
Vintage Pickle offers these fun plastic drapes !


Some things just make you wonder what was the designer or company thinking? Ever wonder how retro diva's of the 60's stayed dressed so nice? Because obviously this was a short cut to having to clean and launder their curtains, go with plastic and wipe 'em off. This item was either coveted among housewives who never gave up the secret to being nifty; or flopped horribly. Either way, it's amazing that this Etsy seller has found a set unused in the original package!

Lucite Lime Trivet Plastic Fantastic at stonesoupology on Etsy
Stonesoupology on Etsy has this great lime lucite trivet for sale!


The designs of yesterday were either loved or hated. I personally LOVE these sliced lemons, limes, and orange trivets you see made of lucite. They are getting harder to find and made of lucite encassing tiny plastic particles on the inside. They look eerily real and can really dress up a vintage kitchen.  I'm sure when these came out, housewives either adored or hated them. There is no in between.

Etsy Shop MEZZOATTREZZO features this great kleenex holder
Find this cool Plastic Kleenex holder at Etsy shop MEZZOATTREZZO


Quite possibly the finishing touch in the bathroom makes for this vintage Syrocco plastic gaudy kleenex holder. You know, because back the plastic Kleenex holders were a must have to hold your hankies.  Today, looking at this gaudy molded objects makes you wonder, is it a design relic or quite honestly should be left in the past? That's for you to decide!

What was your favorite tacky design growing up? Tell me!

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