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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Russel Wright Flair Arabesque

Get these at Prairie Dec Arts!

I just had to grab this cool listing to share with you from Etsy seller Steve of shop Prairie Dec Arts!  It's for  Russel Wright's Arabesque pattern in translucent Flair by Northern Melamine.  This design is fairly rare and hard to find, but is one of my favorites. Here you have  gold and blue swirls on translucent "eggshell" dishes, and oh so lovely
Snatch these at Prairie Dec Arts!

There are actually three more variations which, in my opinion, are not as lovely.
  • Brown and gold designs on translucent eggshell. 
  • Blue and gold designs on solid white dishes.
  • Brown and gold designs on solid white dishes. 
 You can read more about Russel Wright's Flair here.

You may also enjoy these cool little shakers Steve has in his shop, go there now to grab 'em!

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