Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to Plastic Land : The Gay Horse

Welcome to Plastic Land, 
a fake world I created made of the best molded plastics ever. Here everyone gets along. You see, there are no fights over politics. No fights with the rulers of Plastic Land. They are all unpaid volunteers. The townspeople are happy to pay their taxes in plastic coin. The economy is good and there's plenty of plastic money that is housed in an authentic "Plasticville" bank.  When they run out, much like the real world, they just mold up some more.
One of the rulers in Plastic Land, Gigi the Clown. Buy him from DoNotDestroy on Etsy.

They've become Eco Friendly in Plastic Land. Waste products are re-molded into something else plastic so the land is really pretty here. The plastic robots who work in the factories (as the jobs are plentiful) have found a way to recycle pollutants from the air into plastic plant food. Plastic fish swim in plastic ponds and a plastic sun shines down upon the world of Plastic Land. Better yet, Plastic Land has not had to enforce or enact any real laws because everyone's so happy that crime is nill. Gigi the Clown is growing large because he hasn't had much crime to fight lately. In a top secret interview, Gigi hinted, "Sure,we do once in awhile have fake plastic fights or disagreements, but if anyone gets really harmed in Plastic Land, they go the Emergency Plastic Hospital and get all fixed up.  If they don't like the way they turned out, we just re-mold them into something else. No biggie."

Cowboy and Indians can be bought from DoNotDestroy on Etsy.

In Plastic Land you are free to be who you want. Never are there comments about your weight or what type of music you listen to.  You can wear whatever you want when you want. Stay out as late as you want. Date whomever you want. There's no judging based on your plastic weight, chemical composition, color, make or model number, nationality or creed.

Won't you stay awhile with me in Plastic Land?

In fact, I think you were here once, when you were FIVE years old. Do you remember playing with your plastic toys unknowingly worried about the affairs of the real world?  Back then you didn't have to worry about work, or debt, or politics. You played with these little toys without a care in the world and in Plastic Land, it was all good. Oh how did any of us ever leave this place? 

Welcome to reality: Innocence Lost.
Long Live the Plastics Fantastic.


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