Monday, February 6, 2012

Orange Toaster Kitchen Plastic Fantastic

vintage plastics
Hello, what's this? An orange toaster from Hunter's Kitchen on Etsy.
Orange is making a comeback. I wasn't ever really a fan of orange, until now.  I grew up in the 1970's and Mom really overdid the orange-lime-yellow thing. I guess that's why I thought orange was "gross." Of course I was still in shock from the old 1960's kitchen we had which was olive-brown-drab so the orange should have been a nice change for me.....but for some reason I didn't like orange.  Now it's sort of growing on me. I especially like the orange and white combinations.
melmac cups
Orange and white thermal cups by Olive and Frances on Etsy!

orange plastic
Orange plastic dish rack from Etsy seller WaikikiKitsch
It's no surprise that everyone loves Ashton Kutcher since his big takeover on Two and a Half Men.  Of course you may remember "That Seventies Show" and perhaps if we asked Kitty Forman she wouldn't mind having these items in her retro kitchen.
Plastic Kitchen Timer
Retro timer puts a little orange into your life. Get it at ThisandThat4U on Etsy!

What do you think ?  Is Orange in, or out? 

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