Friday, July 20, 2012

Collecting Plastic Salt and Peppers

Vintage Melamine Shakers on Etsy
These lovelies available at Cedar Run Vintage on Etsy.

There is a whole world out there of vintage plastic salt and pepper shakers just waiting to be found or collected. So many varieties, and some extremely collectible and rare.  You never know what may crop up out of someone's attic or cabinet.  For instance, these lovelies may have been purchased for sale individually in stores. You just never know.  What does their history tell us? Without investigation or research, we may never know!

Melmac Shakers
This rare set is available on Etsy at the CedarRunVintage shop for $50.
For a short time, Texas Ware melamine introduced a line of ice cream cups and sherberts with melamine bases. These salt and peppers I spotted on Etsy (below) look almost identical. It would be strange to find out these were a sample or rarity of sorts--did someone put the lids on, could they have been mini shebert cup samples?  Especially since they don't really match. Or were they made this way, and just look like the Texas Ware stuff? You just never know really, what you may find n the world of salt and peppers.

Melmac Bottom Salt and Pepper Shakers
Buy these at RustyCow shop on Etsy!
Then certain designs, patterns, figural shakers can go for lots of money depending on who made them and how scarce they are.  Let's not mention salt and peppers make cute gifts and novelties for that special someone. These Venus styled figural shakers (below) are a real treat for only $7.50 at ShopatGeris on Etsy.  These would be a great topic of conversation wouldn't they?  The front of the box says Gay and they date back to 1948!

Plastic kitchen shakers
Courtesy: ShopatGeris on Etsy

For the sake of all things plastic fantastic, I just have to add in that sometimes the plastic maker will be a part of history. Look at these older and harder to find vintage plastics  dating back to 1929-1940s era from Carvanite. (below) which had ties to Eastman Kodak. These are pure deco styled and look much like a bakelite material. Just lovely in color and preserved all these years.

Carvanite Plastic
These are available at CollectMemories on Etsy at $55 a true gem in the vintage plastic world.
Whatever kind you like, the possibilities are endless. There's a whole world of salt and pepper shakers out there just waiting for you to be had. Especially for the collector who likes to keep things under control, a small curio on the wall may be just the ticket.

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