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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Melmac Just in Time for Christmas

Personalized Melmac Plate
Ack! Make it stop, because these are just way too cute. SwankyPress on Etsy has these *new* (but personalized to your taste) melamine plates.  You can now give "melmac" (or at least the new version) to the little guys and gals for the holidays.

swanky press melamine plates
As you know I'm into the vintage melmac hence the whole RetroChalet Melmac Central site right? I'm sort of getting all squishy over these plates. If you think about it, what's better than giving a gift that people can use at the holidays that was personalized by a made-in-USA small business Swanky Press?  Geeze, I guess I'll have to love it. 

Visit Swanky Press Direct to see what they offer here at SwankyPress.com

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