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For the Love of Legos

Adrian!!!! It's Rocky Ornament on alowisheskitsch at Etsy! Sweet Little Lego Man!
The Lego Plastic Block Enigma

I was a 70's kid. I lived in Lego land. I could spend hours playing with those little plastic blocks. I would rather build in Lego land than play with Barbies. What was wrong with me?  I wonder if somehow, they have inadvertently formed me into a plastic junkie.    Truth is, most of us had toys that were plastic, whether it was plastic dolls, plastic cowboys and indians, or plastic trucks and cars.  Maybe even bath plastic boats, or rubber ducks? I just think when you entered Lego land it was more of an addicting little play world.  Build, destroy, build, destroy, build, fall apart, built, bust up, build, rebuild, build!

vintage plastic lego set
This great and rare vintage Lego set available on Etsy at tarlotoys !
According to Wikipedia, Legos were started by the Danish as wood toys. What?  I can't imagine them not being plastic, can you?  Of course when they figured out how much cheaper it was to produce them in plastic, they switched. Some early examples are museum worthy, and not to mention a pretty penny!
lego purse
Sport this Lego purse, many styles available at Agabag on Etsy!

Adults Love Legos, If They Say No, They Are Lying

I worked with an ADULT guy at Diamond Comics. I remember him telling me about his Lego creations and how he was going to work at Lego land  Parks some day. Well, he won a contest and low and behold packed up his family to live his dream. Soon I'd get emails of his creations and he was making their displays (of which are huge.)   Imagine my surprise when I realized this guy is getting paid to play with toys ALL DAY LONG.

Now, for those of you who visited such places as Lego land, just admit it. You claim the trip was for your kids, but you really wanted to go and ride that Lego roller coaster yourself. You just won't convince me otherwise.
lego plastic block ring
For the Lego lover, a vintage lego brick ring. how lovely!  At

Lego is Freakin' Huge

Just how big is Lego?  It's huge. In fact I think it's a cult. There are forums just for Legos, Lego Wikias, Websites dedicated to making Legos, adults who collect Legos, kids who want to grow up and be the next big Lego Display artist in Lego Land......sigh.  Oh, get this, do you think it's odd that in my spell check program, Lego is listed and auto corrects, but Etsy is not. Goodness!  Speaking of which, on Etsy, as I've displayed above tons of crafters are using Legos in their art. Used and new, Lego is a serious business.  Who would have thought those cute little plastic blocks would turn out to be loved by so many? 

lego plastic christmas ornaments Legos are being used for crafts, like these keen Lego Ornaments, buy them at

Tell me, what are you best Lego memories?

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