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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Pink Plastic Finds on Etsy


In the pink, 
One can never have enough. I enjoyed putting together this collage of items found on Etsy, that utilize pink or pinkish plastic in them.  These are some of my favorite things.  I have outlined the shop and where to get them. 

pink plastic fantastic

1.  These retro canisters are the cat's meow.  Vintage pink plastic with grey knobs, they are by Burroughs .  Hard to find, these 3 pieces encompass Flour, Coffee, Tea, price is $60 at Etsy Shop:  RetroGradeAntique

2.  Imagine, a custom written silly straw, well, in hot pink! This can be yours for birthdays, celebrations and even bridal gifts for only $13.75 at Etsy ShopHelloHarper.  

3.   This vintage baking cupcake cake set is something else. I've never seen a matching almost complete if not complete pink plastic set like this, for the tune of $20.  Find it at Etsy shop GlamourAndGrace15  

4.   Pinkish mauve makes for great plastic watering can.  I had one of these growing up in a putrid green, but Mom loved it none the less for watering houseplants.  This one is a great color, only $24.99 from Ditzy Blond Crochet. 

5. This vintage style but modern phone case comes in this cool tiger print and comes in Flexi Plastic for $12, or a harder case called tough case for $18.  Find these at 


6.  Monkey Diaper Pins? These vintage things would make for a fun repurpose project.  Pin your child's artwork  to the cork board or use them in junk journaling. Did I hear label pin?  Avaiable at RetroChalet , set of 3 for $15.

Plastic fantastic, how can we live without it? 

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