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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Some Etsy Sellers Go On Strike With Increase in Fees

Boontonware Melmac Bread Bowl
Great Boontonware Bread Bowl in White : RetroChalet

What? An Etsy Strike?

Oh no!  Your favorite saved items on Etsy which may include vintage melmac, plastics fantastic and melamine dinnerware sets may have to wait to purchase!  This wait could last a day, a week, or more, as some Etsians are organizing the "Etsy Strike" and will be closing down their shops temporarily!  I had to find out a little more about this..

Here is what we do know. 

I first learned about the strike from on twitter, as they were using a hashtag #EtsyStrike.   They have taken it a step further to create a discord channel, and their own twitter @EtsyStrike account, Even one step more, they now have a website called, and so it seems more than serious.   The slotted "shut down" of shops is scheduled to directly impact the date of April 11, with possible a one to two week shutdown, which has not been confirmed. 

Boontonware Belle Bowl
Maybe don't put all your apples in one bowl, unless it's Boonton.  For Sale in My Etsy shop

I had to get hold of one of the shops who were participating, to find out just why the proposed strike.  I spoke in length on my podcast with Harry Burger, from Deer Park, New York (who ironically also ran for a green party congress in 2020.)

I connected with Harry to get his thoughts on the issues. Harry is an engineer by trade but also shop owner of Lightbringer Designs on Etsy, a shop that makes super cute wax seals. Being a small business owner, Harry explains how a 30 percent hike can hurt the small mom and pop. Harry also explains ultimately this increase will impact Etsy buyers are Etsy shops may have to raise prices to offset Etsy's fees. On initial inspection, I was thinking the 1.5 percent increase in sales fees wouldn't be so bad, until I really revisited all the fees that sellers pay on Etsy, which include listing fees, sales fees, offsite ad fees, etc.   

The Scales of Justice :  Etsy Strike , Lightbringer Designs
What will the scales of Justice do about the Etsy Strike?  This wax seal from LightbringerDesigns

Etsy's Fee Hike

So why did all this transpire?  Etsy recently announced they would be hiking fees from a 5 percent sales fee to a 6.5 percent fee, You can read the official announcement here, and Etsy sellers can take the survey at the bottom of the page to give feedback.  A Message from Etsy’s CEO Josh Silverman on our Co... - Welcome to the Etsy Community

It should be noted they have not raised these particular type fees since 2018, yet there are other fees involved with being an Etsy seller such as listing / relisting fees and offsite ads (which small shops have a way to opt out of) .  After a record 4th quarter in 2021 they wanted to keep on track, the forum post was this announced?  .  Sellers received an email from Etsy, as well as finding out about it on the website, and in forums.   Sources such as MSN NEWS quickly explained how people were upset.  Reference:  Sellers on This Site Are Livid After Another Rate Hike    Also appeared in The Street:  Etsy Sellers Are Livid After Another Rate Hike - TheStreet  and the Verge:  Etsy hits sellers with 30 percent transaction fee increase - The Verge

Listen to my podcast to hear the details on the price hikes and as for the strike, I guess we will see how that plays out., as it's developing now.  

Additional Reading Official Etsy Strike Site:  Why Discord? « Etsy Strike 

Forum Post Announcing the Etsy Strike: A Message from Etsy’s CEO Josh Silverman on our Co... - Welcome to the Etsy Community

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